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Riding the Nostalgia Wave: How EPIK’s Yearbook Feature Became the App Store’s Top Hit

The world of mobile applications is ever-changing, but every so often, an app comes along that captures the public’s imagination in a big way. The latest app to do just that is EPIK, an AI-powered photo-editing application that has recently skyrocketed to the number one position on the Apple App Store. What’s the secret sauce? A feature that allows users to create nostalgic, 90s-style yearbook photos of themselves.

The Rise of EPIK

EPIK is a product of South Korea’s Snow Corporation, a subsidiary of Naver. The app has been gaining significant traction on the App Store, thanks in part to influencers around the globe who have been sharing their AI-generated yearbook photos on various social media platforms. While it holds the top spot on the U.S. App Store, its ranking on Google Play is a bit lower, coming in at number 37.

The Numbers Game

When it comes to downloads, EPIK has impressive stats. According to market intelligence firm Apptopia, the app has amassed a total of 92.3 million lifetime installs since its launch in August 2021. Of these, 4.7 million downloads are from the U.S. alone. Another analytics firm,, reports slightly lower lifetime downloads at 82 million but notes that the app has generated close to $7 million in consumer spending on iOS.

The Viral Feature: Yearbook Photos

Epik yearbook sample picture

The yearbook photo feature works in a straightforward manner. Users upload between eight to twelve selfies, which the app then uses to generate a series of yearbook photos. These photos feature the user in various poses, sporting different looks and hairstyles. The app advises users to upload clear photos with a range of expressions, angles, and backgrounds for the best results.

Pricing and Availability

While downloading the app is free, users have to pay for the AI-generated output. The app offers two pricing options: standard delivery for $3.99 with a wait time of up to 24 hours, and express delivery for $5.99 that promises photos in less than two hours.

Growing Pains

EPIK’s surge in popularity has led to some scalability issues. Users attempting to access the yearbook feature may encounter delays or even find that the delivery options are “sold out,” as the app struggles to keep up with the high demand.

The Bigger Picture

EPIK is not the first AI photo app to go viral. Previous apps like Lensa and Remini have also enjoyed their moments in the spotlight. However, maintaining long-term user interest remains a challenge for many of these apps, suggesting that EPIK’s current success might be fleeting.

In conclusion, EPIK’s yearbook photo feature has struck a chord with users, propelling the app to the top of the App Store charts. Whether it can sustain this momentum in the long run remains to be seen, but for now, it’s enjoying its time in the limelight.

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