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Boords: The Ultimate Story Board Creator

Boords offers a variety of online tools to aid creative professionals in the journey from conceptualization to a client-ready storyboard. This journey, often riddled with challenges, can now be traversed 10x faster, thanks to Boords’ intuitive interface and collaborative features. Below, we delve into some of the tools that make this possible:

AI Storyboard Generator

Harness the power of AI to transform your narrative into a visual storyboard. Boords’ AI Storyboard Generator assists in visualizing your story by providing scene suggestions, thus acting as a catalyst in the storyboard creation process​.

Storyboard Creator

Boords’ Storyboard Creator is the tool you need to turn your ideas into visually appealing storyboards swiftly. Bid farewell to the cumbersome manual frame adjustments and immerse yourself in creating, with specific tools designed to enhance efficiency and foster team collaboration​.

Script Editing Software

Writing a video script is now a breeze with Boords’ Script Editing Software. Edit and collaborate on short-form video scripts seamlessly, and transition smoothly into storyboarding, keeping your creative and production processes in sync​.

Animatic Software

Create professional animatics 10x faster with the online Animatic Tool. With features like Integrated Animatic Timeline and Distraction-Free Playback, iterating on your storyboards becomes a straightforward process​.

Shot List Software

Boords’ Shot List Software is a solution to pre-production chaos, aiding in the creation, management, and collaboration on shot lists and shooting schedules, ensuring your projects stay on schedule​.

Drawing Tool

Ditch the conventional tools and embrace Boords’ Online Storyboard Drawing Tool. With features like Built-In Camera Moves, Stock Library & AI Image Generator, and Streamlined & Storyboard-Specific tools, creating client-ready storyboards is now simpler and faster​6​.

Boords has meticulously designed these tools keeping in mind the various challenges faced during the pre-production process. The integration and collaboration features across these tools ensure a smooth transition from one phase to another, making the process of creating storyboards enjoyable and less time-consuming.

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