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Hey there, data aficionados! 🌟 Ever felt like you’re walking on a tightrope when it comes to managing your data? Well, it’s time to add some magic to your data game. Meet, the Sorcerer’s Stone of synthetic data that promises to make your data as real as it gets, without compromising on privacy or security.

What Offers:

1. Synthesize Your Data is not your run-of-the-mill Test Data Management (TDM) product. It allows you to generate data that is both useful and secure for everyone on your team. Whether you’re a developer or a data scientist, has got you covered.

2. Protect Your Data

Worried about data leaks? offers automated sensitive data detection and schema change alerts. It also provides an added layer of security with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and audit trails.

3. Subset Your Data

Shrink your data ecosystem from petabytes down to gigabytes. allows you to create targeted, representative datasets with referential integrity fully intact.

4. Integrate Across Databases natively connects to leading SQL and NoSQL databases, ensuring that your data is realistic and consistent no matter where it lives.

The Buzz Around

Hold onto your hats because is making waves! The company secured a whopping $35 million couple of years back in Series B funding, led by Insight Partners with participation from GGV Capital, Bloomberg Beta, and others. This brings their total funding to $45 million. The aim? To provide production-like data for developers while keeping governance and compliance in check.’s CEO, Ian Coe, emphasizes that the company is more than just a data anonymizer. It’s a data transformation powerhouse that leverages synthetic data, differential privacy, and distributed computing to de-identify sensitive data. And it’s not just about changing names; it’s about maintaining complex connections across data repositories and databases.

How to Use

  1. Start a Free Trial or Book a Demo: Get a feel of the platform before diving in.
  2. Explore Generators: offers a variety of data generators to suit your specific requirements.
  3. Set Up Webhooks and Post-Job Scripts: Automate your data pipeline by integrating into your CI/CD workflows.
  4. Join the Community: Engage with other users and learn from their experiences.


So, are you ready to turn your data into gold with Don’t miss out on this spellbinding opportunity to revolutionize your data management game. Start your free trial today and let the magic begin!

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